By Water I Am Led

by Giovanna Spies

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By Water I Am Led

(Spoken Intro from performance)
Twelve thousand years of tears are standing in my throat
A hundred million fears are woven in my coat
Illusion and memory are all the same
Can you tell me, what is my name?

Beyond the mountains I move along
My voice is hidden, then my voice is strong
After so much silence and separation
Will you praise my beauty, my reparation?

Rising, falling, known and unknown
My water blossoms in your bone
I am the heart of tree and bird
I am the river, a holy word

I’m standing by the riverside
Lost and ramblin’ in my pride
Never knowing in my heart or head
I am water and by water am led

Let the memory of the soft, green ground
And the majesty of each simple sound
Hold me when I’m tumblin’ down
I am water, missing and found

Landlocked, full of fear
Sound your torrent, that I may hear
Where I’m stubborn, let me flow
Where I’m ignorant, let me know

Let the spirit of the earth and sky
Keep me when I die
Carry me to the river and sea
I am water and I am free


released September 14, 2016
guitar and vocals by Giovanna Spies
harmony ~ Jackson Whalan




JoAnne Spies Stockbridge, Massachusetts

JoAnne Spies is a singer songwriter who collaborates with her audience in rhythm and sound explorations. An innovative performer, she invites the audience to literally walk with her, leading groups on musical experiences down Main Street to Indian burial grounds and through museums. Her song "Survival Tree" was written to honor Jane Goodall and the Tree at Ground Zero for Intl. Day of Peace ... more

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